What Buckeye has offer has not always been known as ‘Primitive Technology’, ‘Ancestral Arts’, ‘Wilderness Survival’ or ‘Earth Living Skills’.  At one time it was simply LIFE.  All of our histories share ancestors who crafted the rhythm of their seasons and generations with the pulse of the breathing planet, knowing where to look for wisdom and sustenance.

Buckeye exists in service to the wonderful complexity of simple living and the growing commitment to learn from past generations how to thrive sustainably for generations to come. They invite you to join them every Spring as they gather again and again to learn to integrate older ways, to fathom what a village might be like for us today, and to see where inspiration can take us all…

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Dream Create Communicate developed this website with registration system for the high volume ticketing sales for the Buckeye Gathering – an annual event that sees such high traffic that all 350+ tickets are sold out in three days.

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