The Dance Center of Santa Rosa is Sonoma County’s premiere dance studio offering a comprehensive program of jazz, tap, ballet, modern, hip hop, and musical theatre.

The annual company shows are spectacular productions highlighting their most advanced dancers. The Dance Center’s close ties to the Santa Rosa Sister Cities Program has provided many of their students and company dancers the opportunity to travel and perform in front of an international audience in Jeju, South Korea.

Below are 4 of the videos created for The Dance Center’s 2016 Annual Winter show.  The video shorts have become a key feature of the show, giving the audience a “behind the scenes” view into the studio for a view of “what it takes” to pull off such an amazing show.   Enjoy!…

This Contemporary video is 1 of 4 created to play at The Dance Center‘s annual winter show. Directed by Rebekah Green, this style focuses on self-expression. The dynamic quality usually expresses some theme or emotion, oftentimes inspired by musical transitions. Contemporary can draw from all styles of dance.

This Hip Hop video is the 2nd of 4 created for The Dance Center‘s annual winter show. Choreography by Anakarina Swanson, the funky and dynamic dance form has roots in street dance, African, Jazz, and numerous flavors of movement. It emphasizes rhythm, isolations, footwork, strength, and style presented in a high-energy positive environment.

This Tap video is 3 of 4 created to play at The Dance Center‘s annual winter show. A variety of tap styles are presented ranging from the Broadway style of specific tap steps in a straight tempo to the more syncopated style of rhythm tap based on jazz-influenced patterns.

This Jazz video is the 4th of 4 created for The Dance Center‘s annual winter show. Directed by Christina Kitchen, Jazz is a ballet-based style of dance that explores a dynamic range. Choreography is influenced by all types of music from lyrical to pop to blues, emphasizing technique and alignment with jazz combinations.

Every year DCC creates 4 to 6 videos and a number of video back-drops for The Dance Center’s spectacular show at Spreckel’s Performance center in Rhonert Park.

The dancers range in age from child through adult with skill levels from advanced-intermediate to near-professional.

It’s a showcase of the Dance Center’s performing companies:

  • Taptations Tap Co.
  • Footnotes Tap Co.
  • Footloose Tap Co.
  • Rhythm Tap Co.
  • DC Motion
  • DC Harmony
  • DC Gravity
  • DC Tribe Hip Hop
  • DC Fresh Crew
  • The Troupe
  • Pulse Jazz Co.
  • Elite Senior Jazz Co.

Vicki Suemnicht
Studio Owner
Executive Producer

Peter van Gorder
Director / Editor
Camera 2

Steve Tucker of BAMM
Camera 1

Anakarina Swanson
DC Tribe, The Troupe, and DC Fresh Crew hip hop company director

Rebekah Green
DC Gravity, DC Harmony & DC Motion contemporary company director

Emily Hartley
Taptations, Footloose and Rhythm tap company director

Christina Kitchens
Pulse & Elite jazz company director

Nina Raggio & Vicki Suemnicht
Footnotes company director

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