This Tap video is 3 of 4 created to play at The Dance Center‘s annual winter show.

A variety of tap styles are presented ranging from the Broadway style of specific tap steps in a straight tempo to the more syncopated style of rhythm tap based on jazz-influenced patterns.

The Dance Center of Santa Rosa is Sonoma County’s premiere dance studio offering a comprehensive program of jazz, tap, ballet, modern, hip hop, and musical theatre.

The studio’s multiple award-winning performing companies offer in-depth dance training as well as performance and competition opportunities. The Dance Center’s close ties to the Santa Rosa Sister Cities Program has provided some of our company dancers the opportunity to travel and perform in front of an international audience in Jeju, South Korea. The annual company shows are spectacular productions highlighting their most advanced dancers. Their annual June shows are well known throughout the area and provide performance experiences for every dancer from beginning through advanced.

Every year The Dance Center of Santa Rosa puts on a  spectacular show at Spreckels Performance center in Rhonert Park.

This “Behind The Scenes” video (3 of 4) is played on the big screen during costume changes.

Peter van Gorder
Director, Editor, 2nd Camera Operator

Vicki Suemnicht
Studio Owner
Executive Producer

Emily Owen, Nina Raggio, Vicki Suemnicht
Choreography and TAP Company Directors

  • RHYTHM Tap Co.


Michael Zeligs Start Motion Media

1st Camera Operator

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