First Light was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Peter van Gorder of Dream-Create-Communicate at GrooveFarm Studios in Graton California. Released in 2005, First Light is Sol Horizon’s first album and it breaks all norms of traditional Reggae music – putting it in a class of it’s own.

It was mixed and mastered by Peter van Gorder using MOTU’s Digital Performer.

Michael Litwin
Alexie Brown
Frank Preuss
Colin Menzies
Clayton Hunt
Jeremy Cooper
Peter van Gorder

Lead Vocals & Lyrics
Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Drum Kit
Lead Guitar
Percussion, Electronica, SoundFX

Peter van Gorder


Zack Darling

Cover Art

1. Live & Learn
2. Truth Lies
3. Wise Melodic
4. River of Respect
5. Strong Love
6. Fire Burn
7. Wicked Minds
8. Vision Quest
9. Roots Rock Reggae
10. Music

Album Notes

Sol Horizons debut release finds the band charting a course at the intersection of psychedelic rock and roots reggae. Featuring the original lineup consisting of Michael Litwin (Vocals), Alexei Brown (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Clayton Hunt (Lead Guitar), Jeremy Cooper (Keyboards), Frank Preuss (Bass), Colin Menzies (Drum Kit) and Peter van Gorder (Percussion) the album is a classic showcase of the bands early creative energy. Well regarded by fans both new and old, do yourself a favor and check out these classic Sol Vibes!

Reviews and Accolades

“Best World/Reggae Band”
– Readers Poll Winner, NorBay awards 2010

“Sol Horizon breaks all the rules, all the stereotypes, and reminds us, that we are all connected on this planet. Their music is genuine, and their messages are clear.”

“I have had the great privilege of working with Sol Horizon on several occasions. As individual musicians they are great, but as a band they are awesome. Their sound is unique and their positive energy will keep any audience dancing to the light through the night. Sol Horizon gets a 10/10 from me.”
– Pato Banton

Listener Reviews

Nikki Brilliant

Amazing talent and a truly one of a kind reggae sound that you can listen to all day. This whole CD encourages harmony and love within the community and earth. Positive message.
brown eyes soft lips smooth and sexy

I saw these guies open for Pato Banton recently and I have to say though they were the opening act they stole the show……wow what a powerful band….The Bass player is so fine and the rhythm guitarest….meow…..purr!
Matt Mull One of the best CDs I have ever bought

This CD has earned a permanent place in my rotation. I saw you guys in SD at the belly up and have speard th word of your good music. Can’t wait to buy the second album. This is one of those CDs that if you put it on repeat you will listen to it ten times without getting burned out. Keep the integrety!!! I hope you make it back to SD soon.
Levan Hindmarsh Awesome messages from your words and photography! Catchy rhythms!

Hard to keep my hands from tapping, but wanted to hear the vital messages. Thank heavens for music with positive thoughts and vibrations.
roots_lover Buy it, hear it, love it!

This band rocks! I’ve been a roots and reggae fan all my life and this is real, fresh and rockin! These guys have it locked in and the CD is super-well produced and phat. I’ve also caught these guys live a couple times — they put on a great show. Buy it, hear it, love it!

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