Peter van Gorder is creative software engineer with 22 years of web development experience and 26 years of audio and video production experience – serving clients ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations.

Peter holds a Computer Information Science degree from Sonoma State University and runs a tech-media company specializing:

  • Web Design, Development, and Maintenance
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Audio engineering

He has long been interested in true computer intelligence, having created his own neural network from scratch in C++ in 1991, but is now working with Python, spaCy and natural language processing in an effort to do custom knowledge modeling.

Okemo Valley TV

  • Camera operation
  • Editing & post production
  • Remote & on-site governmental meeting coverage
  • Strategic development
  • Studio & facilities improvements

Sole Proprietor


  • Created and managed over 105 websites with duties ranging from planning, development, deployment, and
  • Brand Identity – Managing and maintaining brand identity and consistency across all
    client’s digital and print media of logos, colors, fonts, business cards, websites, emails,
    and sign-up forms.

Sole Proprietor

  • 4 years of video work for making news compilations for investors, promotional videos for their annual fundraisers.
  • 8 training videos for middle-school and high-school “Ambassadors” in the Safe School Ambassadors® program.
  • 8 educational CDs – including development of the script for the educational content, all audio engineering, and mastering for Kim Atkinson of
  • 25 Teacher-Student Highlight videos for the The Dance Center (of Santa Rosa, CA), collaborating with the studio director, 4 teachers, and 140
  • 151 video backdrops created for the The Dance Center’s annual show.
  • PSA titled “One Cup”: Ideated, storyboarded, directed, edited, and produced a local PSA
    encouraging people to bring & re-use their coffee cups to help eliminate trash.

ProTransport Cotati, CA

  • Consultant to ProTransport’s 1.2 million dollar software purchasing and implementation decisions related to the
    logistics of running all ambulances and crews across 4 dispatch centers and 16
  • Created NewsToTheCrews, an internal news channel, displaying a rotation of news &
    updates to all employees, synchronized across 16 ambulance stations.
  • Created websites for their 4 consolidated ambulance companies across California,
    Illinois, and Florida:,,,

Chess Club For Kids, Rohnert Park CA

  • Advised and then implemented the transition full eCommerce system, replacing their “checks and
    envelopes” business into an online payment and registration system.
  • Worked as a lead instructor with a team of 26 teachers running chess classes in 51
    schools with 2 county tournaments each year.

Hall Kinion, Sausalito, CA

  • Database Website development using the ColdFusion programming language
  • Developed “Data2Go” into a chat, pager, and cell phone tool using Tcl (before
    smartphones came out, so don’t judge 😉

icPlanet Inc., San Rafael, CA

  • Created “Data2Go” – Patent issued: US-20070150804-A1
  • Wrote ColdFusion code for all webpages related to Data2Go.
  • Created auxiliary tools to amalgamate data from various external websites in order to
    predict industry & hiring trends (using Perl and FLASH).

Brøderbund Software, Novato CA

  • Created Rugrats online game as movie teaser – released just before the Nickelodeon Rugrats movie
  • Worked on various teams creating Carmen Sandiego Math Detective, Dr. Seuss
    Kindergarten, and Dr. Seuss 1st Grade Deluxe  – all are “early learning” software titles.
  • Worked in the Systems Tools depart developing company wide tools for the other software engineers, the sound department, and the graphics department.   All assets and media were processed via our tools to generate cross-platform media object files.

Owner/Operator of GrooveFarm Productions
Audio Engineering & Studio Musician for the following artists
1987 – 2006

  • Blind Curve
  • The Ruminators
  • Logan’s Well
  • Sol Horizon
  • Terra Nova
  • Kim Atkinson
  • Carnaval Spirit

Performed and/or member of the following bands and artists
1985 – 2006

  • Sol Horizon
  • Lost At Last
  • Pato Banton
  • Alasdair Fraser
  • Terra Nova
  • Kim Atkinson
  • Carnaval Spirit
  • Bog Head
  • The Karry Walker Band
  • Osha Levin
  • Steve Baughman
  • Dylan Schorer
  • Carleen Duncan
  • Fungus Amongus
  • The Townsmen (of Sonoma County)
  • The Toasters (of Sonoma County)
  • Mylar
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C
  • C++
  • Pascal
  • Assembly


  • HTML5
  • CSS

Software Engineering

  • Text files and the Terminal
  • GitHub
  • CodeWarrior (“back in the day”)

Web Development

  • WordPress + Shared Hosting Environtment
  • Drupal (hate it, why do all 501c3’s use it?!?)
  • Joomla (is it dead yet?)

Video editing

  • Davinci Resolve
  • Adobe Premire
  • Final Cut X

Audio Engineering

  • Digital Performer
  • Logic Pro

General Office productivity

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint


  • Photoshop
  • Krita

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