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“The percussion tracks by Kim Atkinson and his Carnaval Spirit ensemble are so engaging and musically comforting that you will want them around all the time… …the more you listen and realize all the varied rhythmic sources and fusions, it becomes clear that this is an expansive overview within the microcosm of percussion music.”

– Zeno Okeanos Pianist, Percussionist, Music Historian

This project was tracked at Studio-E in Sebastopol and mixed and mastered at my studio (GrooveFarm) in Graton.

For each song we used 3 to 4 richly tuned bass drums (surdos), caxia (snare drum), agogo (double African bell), tamborim (small stick drum, no jingles), ganza (tube shaker), repinique ( high pitched drum that gives signals), and congas to create a vibrant weave of good feelings.

Additional tracks and solos were recorded and added at GrooveFarm studio.

Jeff Martin (left) & Peter van Gorder (right) at Studio E in Sebastopol CA

Kim Atkinson
Cary Griffin
Duncan Draper
Sandy Feldhorn
Nancy Rosenthal
Peter Van Gorder

All arrangements by Kim Atkinson
Mixed and Mastered by Peter van Gorder
Tracked at Studio-E by Jeff Martin
Additional Tracks and solos Recored at GrooveFarm Studio by Peter van Gorder

1. Xica
2. Banda Reggae
3. Funk-a-Nova
4. Highlife
5. Mozambique
6. SambaReggae
7. Lamba Samba-Timbao
8. Baiao
9. RioSamba
10. SlowSamba
11. Maracatu
12. Afoxe
13. Allies

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