Fred Johnson Bartender Extraordinaire.

This is my tribute to my good friend, Fred Johnson.

In my opinion, Fred is a modern mix of ‘Grand Wizard of Service, Food & Drink’ and ‘Historian-Philosopher-Teacher’. He must be a direct descendant of Zeus XeniosEpicurus, or both.

He’s an amazing host, mixologist, husband, father, philosopher, chess enthusiast, conversationalist and, a great friend.

If you are intrigued enough to meet this amazing fellow, you can find him, most days, running, guiding, and tending The Starling Bar, in Sonoma CA.

To Fred!”      <chink!>

– Peter van Gorder

Every so often in life, if you pay close attention, you may become aware that one of your dear friends is an “Unsung Superhero”.

This video was created specifically so I could share my view of Fred, the most joyous of friends, the “unsung hero of drink making” – with the world!

Raise your glass!
To Fred Johnson!
Knight of Cups!

Peter van Gorder
Project and Concept

Michael Zeligs

Fred Johnson

Bartender Extraordinaire
Starling Sonoma

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