Peter’s kindness and attention to detail is unrivaled.  Teaming up with Peter on a project is an experience – he is so knowledgable and his skill set is so expansive – yet he somehow makes every interaction fun and engaging.

He is capable of knocking your website into the stratosphere while simultaneously making you the best cup of tea you’ve ever had.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to work with him while you can.

Jaclyn Steele Thurmond
Singer Songwriter, Creator of The Rebel Society

…you’re a magician…

Lisa Gottreich
Bohemian Creamery

Thank you, Peter!

As usual, you are amazing. We so appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

You continue to amaze me with your creativity and ability navigate complexity.

Suzan V. Walter
MBA, President of the American Holistic Health Association

I worked with Peter van Gorder in the latter stages of mixing The Ruminators CD “Loomings.” I found him to be technically knowledgeable, professional and enjoyable to work with. He was engaged in the project and offered many good ideas during the process. I would highly recommend him.

Greg Scherer
Musician & Bandleader for The Ruminators

I worked with Peter on my CD “Blind Curve”.

It was a very difficult project as the studio owner/engineer and i worked in very different ways. But Peter bridged the gap nicely and thanx to that and Peter’s ability to “work the board” we got a finished product that we’re very proud of.

I was immediately aware of Peter’s professionalism, his ability to help move the project forward (no small task that!!) and his sly wit. That last part was almost as valuable as his talent in the studio.

I’d Work with Peter again ANYWHERE/ANYTIME!!!

He’s also a fine drummer/percussionist. He played congas on one of our tunes and that really helped bring it alive!!

I’ve seen him perform as a drummer for “Sol Horizon” many times and was always impressed with his sense of meter and style.

Peter plays like all my favorite drummers -interesting in his own right but NEVER in the way of the song or singer.

And he’s just an “all around” good guy!

Jake Richmond
Musician & Bandleader for Blind Curve

The Sol Horizon album “First Light” was produced and mixed by Peter van Gorder and all you have to do is listen to it to hear the creative genius behind that work of art.

As a fellow member of the group during the production of that CD I can certainly attest to the passion, ingenuity, attention to detail, ability to integrate many persons’ ideas into the product, and overall competence of Peter as a producer and engineer.

The tirelessness and dedication he committed to the project was central to its quality and to its completion.  I highly recommend him for your audio engineering project.

Colin Menzies
Sol Horizon - Founding member

I’ve been working with Peter for 26+ years.
Fast, affordable, Reliable. Great work!

Kim Atkinson
Master Teacher & facilitator/ World Musician

Peter masterfully created  a beautiful website that I get many compliments on. He is a creative genius who knows how to prepare the business face in a way that will speak to the target market.

Patrick Garretson
L.Ac. MSOM, Gorge Community Wellness & Medicinary

It was a pleasure to work with Peter on my web page. He translated my vision into a reality with professional service at a great price.

Karina J. Nielsen, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology Sonoma State University

Your service is excellent!

Thank you for being so responsive and professional. I appreciate you and the work you are doing for SAGmonkey!

Nick Nicastro

Really awesome job on the site. It’s so nice to work with you. Thank you!

Carly Clements
MarCom, ProTransport-1

Peter was easy to work with, good at explaining things, and very generous with his time.  He quickly created the website we’d been dreaming of, and we’re learning how to maintain it ourselves.  This little local band just got way more professional.  Thanks, Peter!

Jan Kahdeman
Haute Flash Quartet

Your knowledge, skills, talents, kindness, and generosity are rare gifts of which I am so very grateful to be a recipient of. I excitedly opened my computer to look at our website with the glee of a child on her birthday and was very pleased indeed!


Kristi Moya
EcoWild Tours, New Mexico

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