I worked with Peter on my CD “Blind Curve”.

It was a very difficult project as the studio owner/engineer and i worked in very different ways. But Peter bridged the gap nicely and thanx to that and Peter’s ability to “work the board” we got a finished product that we’re very proud of.

I was immediately aware of Peter’s professionalism, his ability to help move the project forward (no small task that!!) and his sly wit. That last part was almost as valuable as his talent in the studio.

I’d Work with Peter again ANYWHERE/ANYTIME!!!

He’s also a fine drummer/percussionist. He played congas on one of our tunes and that really helped bring it alive!!

I’ve seen him perform as a drummer for “Sol Horizon” many times and was always impressed with his sense of meter and style.

Peter plays like all my favorite drummers -interesting in his own right but NEVER in the way of the song or singer.

And he’s just an “all around” good guy!


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