“World beat, modern acoustic, and experimental improv meld into an eclectic, organic sound that goes beyond the usual musical categories. From the psychedelic rock of Twice as Hard to the sweet feel of Moonrise in Mojave, from the funky blues of Say Goodbye all the way to the folky anthem Peace Begins With Me, this original collection of songs and tunes is like nothing you’ve ever heard.”

Peter van Gorder of DCC was responsible for
Recording 8 of the 12 tracks at GrooveFarm in Sebastopl CA: Raven, Groundswell, All Sides, The Hills of North California, Axtecquorum, Moonrise in Mojave, Live Feed, Twice As Hard.
Peter recorded all auxiliary tracks, overdubs and solos and automation. Additional recording and mixing by Zone Music and Prairie Sun.

CD Universe says
“Terra Nova is world beat, modern acoustic, and experimental improv meld into an eclectic, organic sound that goes beyond the usual musical categories. From the psychedelic rock of Twice as Hard to the sweet feel of Moonrise in Mojave, from the funky blues of Say Goodbye all the way to the folky anthem Peace Begins With Me, this original collection of songs and tunes is like nothing you’ve ever heard….”

Chip Dunbar
vocals, mandoline, violin, octave violin, 10 string electric mandocello, acoustic mandocello, balalaika, guitar, udu drum, water phone

Ted Dutcher
upright electric bass, bug, sonic ray, glass coffee mug, vocals,

Peter van Gorder
drum kit, djembe, talking drum, didgeridoo, percussion

Sara Winge
vocals, guitar, waterphone, percussion


Kim Atkinson
percussion on Aztecquorum

Tim Haggerty
piano and organ on Moonrise on Mojave

Blair Hardman
electric bas on Say Goodbye, All Sides, and Aztecquorum

Bart Hopkins
Bentwood Chalameau on Aztecquorum

Bobby Lee
Pedal steel on Moonrise on Mojave

Executive Producer: Chip Dunbar
Produced by Chip Dunbar and Peter van Gorder.
Recorded at GrooveFarm Studios and Zone Recording, except tracks 7 and 12, recorded at Banquet Sound Studios.

Engineered by Peter van Gorder, Chip Dunbar, and Blair Hardman, except tracks 7 and 12, engineered by Warren Dennis Kahn.

Mixed and mastered by Warren Dennis Kahn, except Across The Moors, mixed by Paul White at Transformations and additional mixing by David Trouse.

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.moon-acre-farm.com/dream-create-communicate.com/wp2/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mixing-Mastering-Bands-Audio-MP3s-Production-terranova-01.mp3″]

1. say goodbye

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2. Raven

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.moon-acre-farm.com/dream-create-communicate.com/wp2/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mixing-Mastering-Bands-Audio-MP3s-Production-terranova-03.mp3″]

3. groundswell

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4. all sides

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5. the hills of north california

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6. across the moors

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7. another street

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8. aztecquorum

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9. moonrise in mojave

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.moon-acre-farm.com/dream-create-communicate.com/wp2/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mixing-Mastering-Bands-Audio-MP3s-Production-terranova-10.mp3″]

10. live feed

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”http://www.moon-acre-farm.com/dream-create-communicate.com/wp2/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Mixing-Mastering-Bands-Audio-MP3s-Production-terranova-11.mp3″]

11. twice as hard

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12. peace begins with me

Album Notes

Chip Dunbar and Peter van Gorder in the control room of GrooveFarm Studios, Sebastopol CA

Terra Nova is based in Sebastopol, CA and consists of Chip Dunbar, Sara Winge, Ted Dutcher and Peter van Gorder.

1. Say Goodbye (Chip Dunbar) – Chip: vocals and electric mandocellos; Blair Hardman: bass; Ted: sonic ray and bug; Peter: drums.

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

2. Raven (Sara Winge) – Sara: vocals, waterphone and guitar; Chip: vocals and Wall of Mandolins; Ted: bass; Peter: talking drum and djembe.

A haunting song about contemplating mortality. The spectral sound in the beginning (and sprinkled throughout) is the Waterphone.

3. Groundswell (Terra Nova) – Chip: balalaika, violins and octave violin; Peter: dumbec and djembe; Ted: bass; Sara: waterphones and guitar.

Middle-eastern flavor in three parts. The first section is based on a Shiftatelli rhythm and highlights balilika and dumbek. Then the Waterphone changes everything. The djembe hits a Belladi-like groove, and is joined by the Bug, spring guiro and the Fiddles of Doom.

4. All Sides (Chip Dunbar) – Chip: vocals and mandolin; Sara: vocals and guitar; Ted: bass; Peter: drums.

A Libran point of view of the world situation (which is desperate, as usual).

5. The Hills of North California (Tony Askins) – Sara: vocals and guitar; Chip, vocals, fiddle, mandolin and mandocello; Ted: bass; Peter: talking drum, djembe, percussion and drums.

A plea to pay attention to the natural order around us.

6. Across the Moors (Chip Dunbar) – Chip: mandolin, octave violin and guitar; Sara: guitar; Ted: bass; Peter: didgeridoo, talking drum, djembe and drums.

Inspired by a visit to the Yorkshire Moors.

7. Another Street (traditional proverb, music – Chip Dunbar) – Chip: vocals, guitar and violin; Sara: vocals; Ted: bass; Peter: surdo and drums.

Chip based this song on a Tibetan proverb about learning from life’s mistakes.

8. Aztecquorum (Terra Nova) – Bart Hopkin: bentwood chalameau; Chip: udu utar drum (clay drum); Kim Atkinson: bamboo stamping tubes, butu and groovestick; Sara: bamboo jaw harp; Ted: dual wind wands, Peter: dijeridoo, bamboo jaw harp, groovestick; Blair Hardman: bass.

Layers of interesting sounds from the experimental instruments of Darryl DeVore, Bart Hopkin, and Richard Waters (check out Bart’s Hendrix-worthy solo from the bentwood chalameau) .

9. Moonrise in Mojave (Sara Winge) – Sara: vocals and guitar; Chip: vocals and electric mandocellos; Ted: bass; Peter: drums; Kim Atkinson: congas; Bobby Lee: pedal steel; Tim Haggerty: piano and organ.

Written on a road trip to Lost Wages (Las Vegas). Appreciating the big and little things in life.

10. Livefeed (Terra Nova) – Peter: didgeridoo, drums; Ted: glass coffee mug, bass and batutu; Sara: vocals and waterphone; Chip: electric mandocello.

Trippin out on the dance floor. This started with a groove on a coffee mug and grew from there.

11. Twice as Hard (Chip Dunbar) – Chip: vocals and electric mandocellos; Sara: vocals; Ted bass: Peter: drums.

A crunchy tune about dealing with the tough stuff. Watch out for those painted demons…

12. Peace Begins with Me (Nancy Vogl) – Chip: vocals and guitar; Sara: vocals; Ted: vocals and bass; Peter: drums.

An anthem about taking responsibility for your own little piece of the world. Easier said than done.

Basic tracks recorded at Zone Recording (Cotati, CA), additional recording at GrooveFarm Studios (Graton, CA). Mixed and mastered by Warren Dennis Kahn at Banquet Sound Studios in Santa Rosa, CA.

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