The Sazerac – by Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson Bartender Extraordinaire.

I’m not a “bar” guy.  I never have been. But this one time at Zazu...
I was drawn towards the bar and found myself, rightfully, intrigued at the goings-ons behind it. And there… I met Fred. And Fred… well… Fred knows things. For example: He knows how to pace your courses, if you’re having a few, and the best order to have your drinks in so as to best complement the meal – assuming you’re trying a few different drinks, and I do recommend it.  He’ll know you need another drink seconds before you realize you do. He even knows that your fork just got whisked away and that you will need another one – and voilà! It’s there!  Fred is some sort of super fast “needs-prediction” machine or some sort of “Grand Wizard of Service, Food & Drink”.

Interested in the history of the drink? Which version? Ask Fred.

Interested in a drink that’s not on the menu?  Ask Fred

Local? Yes. Seasonal? Yes.

And, what era would you like your drink from?  Pre-prohibition? Post?


Fred inevitably “got backed”. So now he spends most of his time running and tending the Starling Bar, in Sonoma CA.

Fred is also a father, a philosopher, plays some chess, and is a great conversationalist.

To Fred!

Every so often in life, if you pay close attention, you may become aware that one of your dear friends is an “Unsung Superhero”.  And, if you’re like me, it’s now your job to start signing – which means writing the song, or creating that video, or whatever it takes…   So I did.

This video was created specifically so I could share my view of Fred, the unsung hero of drink making with the world!

So raise your glass!
To Fred Johnson!
Knight of Cups!

Peter van Gorder
Project and Concept

Michael Zeligs

Fred Johnson

Bartender Extraordinaire
Starling Sonoma

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